Equity Research Analyst


Role Overview:

The Equity Research Analyst is responsible for making reports and content based on financial, business, economic research and analysis.

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Key Responsibilities

Conduct research to help customers and fund managers on their stock market investment decisions

Provide relevant, up-to-date and reliable information and recommendation to customers and fund managers about the current market price of a security in terms of its value as an investment 

Monitor local, international, political and economic news that may affect the capital markets

Compare various securities of a given industry and provide assessment of their relative quality

Assess how industries are affected by new products, new processes and competition.

Analyze past performance and financial position of companies, dividend records, capital structure and effectiveness of management.

Provide reports, valuations statistics and advice to customers and fund managers.

Perform research necessary to support the analysis of pricing exceptions across various equity and fixed income securities.

Conduct periodic vendor performance reviews and benchmark testing

Prepare business requirements and review functional specifications needed to support the implementation of system enhancements and new projects

Perform additional functions such as researching significant increases in pricing exceptions, tracking volatile securities, generating metrics, market event driven ad-hoc studies, etc.

Align risk and control processes into day to day responsibilities to monitor and mitigate risk and escalates appropriately

Willing to do video content for Investa’s social media platforms

What you should have

College graduate of a four-year course preferably in Economics, Finance or related discipline.

2-3 years experience in a Research Department of a Stockbrokerage Firm/ Investment House / Private Equity Firm

Strong analytical skills

Adept in  Capital Markets (i.e debt and equity market both local and global), Economies and Politics

Good Arithmetic/Computational reasoning, clerical perception