Senior KYC 
Operations Associate


Role Overview:

Senior KYC Operations Associate will work with our compliance and operations teams in ensuring and reviewing all the KYC requirements for the new and existing clients of the company.

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Key Responsibilities

Review documentation for new customer accounts, ensure that new account holders are not high-risk customers and do not have restrictions or negative activities that would make impact their opening a new account

Understand and implement KYC standards, guidelines, policies and procedures

Analyze new customer processes and policies

Proactively highlight potential issues to management

Drive process improvements and implement process changes as necessary

Make decisions that are effective and well-grounded based on guidelines, policies and insights

What you should have

Must be a college graduate related in banking and finance industry

Have at least 3-5 years work experience in KYC-related jobs

Must have an experience in KYC and AML

Excellent communication and leadership skills

In-depth knowledge of performance metrics

Organizational and time-management skills and good work ethic

Have positive attitude to the clients